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Spread Betting - Trading Without The Tax

Spread Betting is a form of trading stocks, or any other security by placing your trades on a brokers/bookmakers price rather than the actual market. Trading this way means (in the UK) you don't pay any stamp duty or become liable for capital gains tax on your profits (if there are any!).. But lets get down to the nitty gritty, stocks, indices, forex or commodities, ideas to trade or charts to watch... :) All welcome..


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Forex Market Watch For The Week Ahead 03-MAY-20

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[Business] - Bank of Japan closely watching forex market after Biden’s win

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[Business] - Bank of Japan closely watching forex market after Biden’s win | The Japan Times

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Your Personal Financial Path Is Yours To Control!

Do you want to take control of your finances? Taking control of your money is an essential step in life.

When trading in the Forex market watch the trends.Don't sell on upswings or downswing.

Don't fall for the scam that a clean credit report. A lot of companies will try to make a cover-all statement that they can repair your history. This is not at all accurate since there is no similarity to how your credit is not the same as another deals with credit issues. To guarantee success would be a lie and no one should make this promise.

Having a concrete plan is effective as a motivational tool, as it provides you with a purpose to work hard to prevent overspending.

The simplest way to keep your finances on track is to avoid consumer debt like the use of credit cards to begin with. Think about the time a particular purchase will take you to pay it off. You should stay away from any credit card charge that's not imperative and can't be paid off within a month.

Your car is one of the most vital purchases that you have to make during your life. You can sometimes find great deals on classified ads sites.

Make sure you're paying your utility bills by their due date each month. Paying bills late could ruin your credit. You may also be charged a late fee, adding to your bill.Paying your bills in a timely manner is the best way to use your finances.

You can find coupons and discount offers online that might not see in stores or newspapers.

If a person ends up with many one dollar bills over the course of a month, take a chance on luck. Use those dollar bills and buy lottery tickets.

Not all debt you have is a bad one. Real estate investments are examples of good investment. Real estate is good because, and in the short term, they increase in value over time and the loan interest is tax deductible. Another king of good debt would be a college expenses. Student loans typically offer lower interest rate and can be paid back after graduation.

Watch for letters that tell you about changes in your credit account. The law states that these creditors must give you at least 45 days before the changes go in affect. Read the disclosure of changes and see if the changes are worth you keeping the account. If you don't like the changes, pay the remaining balance due, and close the account.

Find and target areas where you are spending a lot of money.Any extra money that remains should be used to pay off debts or increasing your savings.

Have you considered using a credit card that offers a rewards plan? Rewards programs are best for people who pay off their balance in full each month. Rewards cards are a great way to earn cash back, airline miles, and save on other expenses as well. Look for cards that will give you the most benefits and see what works best for your own financial situation.

If your paycheck is entirely spent before the end of the week, you may want to find a way to cut back on certain novelties. For instance, do not try eliminating dining out completely.

As the article indicates, learning to effectively manage your personal finances is a critical life skill. Our financial situation can be bettered by following the tips above. Not only will you finally be able to get your finances under control, you can reach your goals and make efficient use of your money.
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Tips That Will Help With Your Personal Budget

Now is the best time to take control over your finances. This article provides some quick tips for better financial management.You don't need to take classes or years of training to start seeing big savings by improving your financial management skills. Every single knowledge you learn will help.

Do thorough background research on any broker you cannot trust.Check a broker's references and find someone else if you feel they say to judge their honesty. Your own experience can help you to spot a broker.

When trading in the Forex market watch the trends.Don't sell when there's an upswing or downswings.

In these volatile times, it's best to have multiple savings plans. Put some money into a standard savings account, more in a checking space, invest some in equities, and then put more into higher-interest arenas and even gold. Use all or some of those ideas to safeguard your money.

Buy your food in bulk to save money and time. Buying product in bulk is generally less expensive if you actually use what you bought. A lot of time can be saved by cooking a week's worth of the week.

The simplest way to keep your finances on track is to avoid consumer debt like the plague. Think about the time it will take in order to be paid. You shouldn't make any credit card charge that's not imperative and can't be paid off within a month.

Take advantage of automated online banking alert services offered by your bank can offer you. Many banks will send emails or text message updates in the event of changes to your account.

If someone is always finding extra dollars in their pockets, there is an "investment" that could (emphasis on "could") improve his financial position.Use those dollar bills and buy lottery tickets that can possibly win you the jackpot.

You can sell an old laptop if you're trying to earn a little extra money every week.

Even if you have a solid financial plan and budget, you can run into unexpected financial issues. It helps to know how much the late fee is and extension period allowed.

Avoid ATM fees by using your bank. Financial institutions like banks often charge high transaction fees when people use other ATMs, and those can build up fast.

Not every debt you have is a bad debt.Real estate can be considered a good debts. Real estate is good because, and in the short term, the interest is deductible. Another king of good debt is a college loans. Student loans generally have lower interest rates are are not repaid back after graduation.

Don't cut corners to save money by putting off needed maintenance. By making sure that everything is in working order through maintenance checks, you will avoid bigger problems in the future.

Learning techniques to help you properly manage your personal finances is one of the best things you can do to improve your life. Put some of the above suggestions to work. When you use these tips, you'll be able to save quite a bit of money. Now that you see proof of this working you will be more motivated!
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Does anyone know which documentaries about Finance/stock markets/Forex are a good watch on Netflix?

I am watching Dirty Money at the moment and I love it. Quarantine has given me so much spare time so I would love to know what other people have watched. I like scandals or manipulation of the financial system...sorry.
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It's amazing watching the Forex markets around USD pairs respond to the economic news of what's happening with the Stimulus Package, Unlimited QE, etc.

It's almost instant buy dollar on good news, sell dollar on bad news. I haven't really seen market reactions this quick to news before. This really drives home that sentiment sometimes drives the market.
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What are some good volatile forex markets to watch?

What are some good volatile forex markets to watch?
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Naina's Equity commodity info: Commodity Watch on MCX, forex market, intraday trading tips

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It is estimated that up to 95% of new cryptocurrency traders lose money, mostly due to mistakes that could easily be avoided with the right knowledge and preparation.

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Moves in the Forex Market You Need to Watch

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Former MLM member

I used to be a Member of a Forex MLM (IM) up until yesterday, I was in it for two months, and i joined originally to learn to trade, did learn a decent amount, but i feel there was too much focus on marketing than trading, i want to focus more on trading now, I know about babypips, but can someone recommend me more things so i can start trading properly on my own, No i dont want to join any other MLM company so dont advertise that to me
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I've been trading since march of this year. I am still searching for consistent profitability, but that all comes down to my mentality. Nothing to do with my skill.
Anyways, after finding myself here, 7 months since i started. I notice how many beginners over complicate forex. Writing down tons of notes , looking for the small and precise information and mostly overthinking. I fell victim to this too. But I've come to learn that a lot of that is irrelevant.
Honestly, what people don't talk about is chart hours and focusing on 1 pair. Wicksdontlie has a livestream I recommend everyone watch, I was in a separate discord group and learned all the basics, but from just watching his streams and watching the charts constantly (whilst making food , playing playstation etc) I got a proper understanding for what forex is and what I have to do to make it.
But the fact people don't talk enough about focusing on 1 pair makes me wonder? If you sit in front of your laptop for hours watching 1 pair move you will get an unbelievable understanding for how the market moves and how YOUR pair moves. You notice the same things over and over again.
I never studied imbalances, waiting for price to develop on higher time frames, lower lows and higher highs, patience, discipline, the different trading sessions (NY,LDN etc). All of that came to me naturally, from hours and hours on the charts, from backtesting and listening to Raja Banks and Uncle Ted's stream.
Don't fall out of love with forex because of confusion etc. It's all due to your mind overcomplicating things. Think of hours on the charts like hours playing football. You get up and kick the ball from a young age, not thinking of the complications on how to hit an outside the boot pass or knuckle ball etc. The more hours you spend doing it the better you will become and the better of an understanding you'll form. Not only on the charts, but an understanding for YOU. What YOU need to do mentally to achieve success. 10% skill and 90% psychology is most certainly true.
Enjoy your journey and prepare for a long ride full of losses and mental battles. That's what your signing up for.
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[LiveSquawk] Japan Chief Cabinet Sec Suga: Stable Forex Market Very Important - RTRS - Watching Forex Market Cautiously

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Building discipline through pain

There is an exercise I do every time I open a trade and I have some time to spare. What I do goes directly against one of the most commonly given suggestions about trading, but I found it helpful for building emotional resiliance and the discipline necessary to execute my trading plan. I want to share this exercise with you, and I expect you to use it at your own risk.
When learning how to trade, you will soon encounter someone who suggests you not to get glued to the chart after a trade is opened. The reasoning behind this advice is that markets fluctuate, sometimes randomnly, and if you're there to experience every single tick when you're in a trade, you're either going to get scared and pull out early, or greedy, and raising your stop loss hoping the market will move to your favor.
I do the opposite of that. When I enter a trade, I go to the 1 minute timeframe and I just stare at the chart. I watch every single candle, and I focus my attention to the emotions the candles make me feel.
If you never tried doing this, I highly recommend it. I am a robotic person in real life, but the moment I started to watch the market tick as my profits followed I was filled with all sorts of emotions. When doing this, I can feel my fear and greed alternating control over myself. If the market paints a sudden adverse candle, I can feel the temptation to exit the trade. If the market makes a sudden move in my favor, I almost feel 'high' until the next adverse candle.
In general, what I am experiencing is pure emotional pain. I put myself in a situation I perceive dangerous and out of my control, which prompts my mind to force me to return to safety by either exiting the trade or at least stop watching the charts.
The whole point of this exercise is to let yourself feel the pain and being able to retain control over your actions, meaning that you do not exit the trade when you feel like you want to, and you don't fall into all the other temptations you will have.
The first handful of trades were excruciating. The pain that came after a loss I saw happening in real time lingered for days, and same goes for the happiness derived from a win. As I kept doing it, however, I found myself caring less and less. I am not at the point yet where my emotions aren't affected at all, but I can now easily watch price tick against me without feeling the urge to exit.
Another advantage to this is more of a technical one: watching price oscillate will teach you to read market structure and recognize the difference between a healthy pullback and a potential reversal.
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My boyfriend is starting Forex. I think it’s a “get rich quick scheme”. Please teach me about the reality of it.

Hi. So I like to call myself a big skeptic of all things “get rich quick”. I’ve always hated MLM’s and other sorts of marketing businesses. I’ve seen many people and heard many stories of people losing thousands and I’ve always been super skeptical about them. However, my boyfriend, let’s call him Cody, has become interested in Forex. He has been a partner with Primerica for a while now but hasn’t done anything with that. He is a manager at a gym here and makes decent money from that. He was approached by a friend to start working with Forex. When I heard about this, I was shocked, just because I’ve heard horror stories about Forex. When I look up reviews online, all I see is people losing money. When I spoke to his friend to see what this is all about, all I got was attacked and hated on for being a “non-believer”. He essentially just said that people who lose money are lazy and don’t even try. I am genuinely curious in learning more and want to be more educated in this. From what I’ve read, it depends a lot on gambling and knowing a lot about the craft. Cody is convinced he will earn $40,000 (approximately) by February doing 6% everyday excluding weekends (I have no clue what that means but I know that’s what he’s doing). I want to know if and how this is actually a legit endeavor or if he’s just delusional. Please, no attacks, I want serious, informative answers. Thanks so much.
TL;DR: my bf is starting Forex and I think it’s a scam, how legit is it?
Edit: I told him that if he actually does make that $40,000, I’ll apologize for my skepticism and not question this typa shit anymore. We’ll see 🤷🏼‍♀️
Edit: He works all day with no break and gets home at 11-12 and gets EXHAUSTED. He goes to sleep at like 1 every night and spends that free time watching tv. Nothing wrong with that I just don’t see how he has time to do this stuff. From what I’ve gathered, this has to be done in the afternoon and takes a while.
Update: So I spoke to him and mentioned all the advice y’all have given me here. He said he is already doing research but he’s down to join an MLM. He says “everything is an MLM, college, businesses, everything”, which is ridiculous to me but ok. I’m scared for him but I guess there’s not much I can do. He’s writing all this advice off as idiots that had a bad experience even though most people here have said that they have had ups and downs. He also says I’m being super negative and the least bit supportive. Idk what to do😕
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Price Action...

Ok so I'll admit, I was not a fan of price action until recently. I was watching NNFX and I thought it was useless, part of the problem was that I was too lazy to bother trying it. But the more I browse this sub, the more interested I am. However, I am not completely cutting out my indicators and I'm gonna try both. But I have some questions:
  1. Can you trade using price action on longer timeframes? (1h and up, I can't watch the charts for that long. Preferably, I would do full on swing trading using price action.)
  2. How would you backtest a strategy using price action? I feel like this would be difficult for 2 reasons:
    1. It is pretty subjective, so the rules aren't as strict (you might miss a trade opportunity while backtesting).
    2. I can't backtest on tradingview using intraday charts, do you have a way to get around this? I tried drawing a black rectangle using the drawing tools but if you hover over it with your mouse, you can see price again.
  3. I am going to read naked forex soon, would you recommend any other resources or should I stick with that for now and learn the basics first? (I'm not sure if I can even call it the "basics")
  4. I also did the babypips course so I'm not completely clueless, but I skipped the parts about price patterns, harmonic patterns, and elliot wave (and fundamentals analysis but I'm not gonna bother with fundamentals because I only care about the news so I can avoid it, more than that is too much to keep track of IMO). I think the price patterns section might be important but the elliott wave and harmonic price patterns don't seem too important to me. Should I go back and learn these?
Thank you.
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The ideal watchlist

Hi forex,
I'm a user experience designer looking to build the ultimate forex watchlist, and I want to understand how forex traders use their watchlists.
What would you like to do with your watchlist and currently can't?
How do you build your watchlist? Do you have multiple watchlists?
Do you like automated suggestions, such as Hot, Trending, Popular, New, Most Traded, Recently Traded, Most Volatile?
I would really appreciate your input. Thank you!
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Meeting New People

Hey I’m a second year UTSC student trying to make POST for Computer Science. I’m 20 years old, a guy, and I’m Jamaican. I've lived in Toronto a while around 4 years now. I've also lived in N.Y for around 6 years. I just want to meet some people who actually have an interest in being friends. I know everyone is busy with their daily lives, but if you actually want to take some time to get to know others then reach out to me. I drive, and I'm pretty comfortable around people from other cultures so don't be shy. I work part-time as well, and school is pretty hectic but I don't want that to stop me from getting to know others. Things I like are longboarding, video games (when I have time), I exercise (just b/c), I really enjoy playing volleyball, I watch anime (also when I have the time) but I'm a long time anime and video game fan so dw 😂. I read webtoons, I listen to music literally like everyone else on the planet lool. I really like to try, experience, and do new things. Um I like routines and being organized keeps me focused and on track but I feel like such a stickler sometimes so tryna let loose a lil. I don't smoke or drink mb if that's a deal breaker. And uh ya this post was way longer than I thought it would be might as well while I have this liquid courage. Hopefully talk soon. 👋🏾
Edit: I really like being financially savvy; I invest in the stock market, and I'm gonna start Forex winter break. So that's also a poi
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Anyone watching live presentation on FOREX market?

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Watch Me Live Trading FOREX - How To Scalp The FOREX Market Forex Market Technical Insights - Episode 51 - YouTube RBI & SEBI Finance Theory Forex Market  RBI Grade B ... Using the MT4 Market Watch for Forex information - YouTube Pairs on Watch This Week in the Forex Market - YouTube Forex Market Basics Video  Investopedia - YouTube HOW TO DAY TRADE IN THE FOREX MARKET MUST WATCH!! - YouTube

currency: usd: cad: euro: jpy: aud: gbp: mxn: chf: usd-----1.3026: 0.8422: 103.3475: 1.3778: 0.7600: 20.5823: 0.9002: cad: 0.7677-----0.6466: 79.3421: 1.0578: 0.5835 ... Forex Watch shows the Open and Close times of all major markets around the world including stock exchanges: each one color coded and relative to your timezone. Create reminders for big market events 5 minutes before they occur with a touch of a button. See a countdown to each event to aid your trading decisions around market moving news events. Liquidity monitor gauges market participants and ... Forex trading risk is measured against probabilities of market patterns repeating themselves over time, leverage size, and emotional control. Trading without a statistical advantage is very risky, which is why we have spent years perfecting our own systems for identifying profitable trades and using proper risk management. Market Watch: Market Watch is best known as the momentum oscillator that signals the market momentums using its colored bars. It turns green with a rising value signals the bullish momentum of the market. On the other hand, it turns red and keeps rising in value signals the bearish momentum of the market. Forex Market Open Trend: Buy Conditions Market Watch. British airports wring the rent from forex operators. An investigation has accused British airports of profiteering from bureau de change operators, with many forced to sell euros at rates far above the market >> Read more. Living in the era of negative interest rates. A new sub-zero interest rate environment has sparked panic among the global economy and given rise to new risks ... MarketWatch provides the latest stock market, financial and business news. Get stock market quotes, personal finance advice, company news and more. Forex Market Watch, broker market maker ¿buenos o malos para el trading?, forex rate exchange pakistan, btcusd gráfico de cripto

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Watch Me Live Trading FOREX - How To Scalp The FOREX Market

Welcome. In this video TeamWithERVING, the founder of Multiple Time Frame System shares - Watch Me Live Trading FOREX - How To Scalp The FOREX Market - ⭐SEND... Welcome to Technical Insights Episode 51 by Technical FX. In this episode James the founder of Technical FX shares his technical analysis of the US dollar In... 1. Pips Profit Club VIP? FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM!📸 NEWEST VIDEO MUST WATCH: "+1000 Forex traders prove that direction is NOT important when entering Forex trades ️ Manage them!" These are the pairs on watch this week in the forex market. Not a whole lot this week but these Yen pairs could develop soon. Let me know if you have any for... The foreign exchange market is a market where participants buy, sell, and exchange trillions of dollars worth of currencies daily. Learn the basics of the FX... In this session, I will discuss Finance Theory Forest Market for RBI & SEBI 2020 Examinations. So, watch it till the end. Click the link below to subscribe t...